Wednesday, 26 June 2013

How to spot a Meth Lab Home

When a pound of illegal methamphetamine is created, it generates more than four pounds of toxic waste. This waste kills plants, makes houses unsafe to live and contaminates forests and farmlands. The houses that housed meth labs and were foreclosed by the state are still unlivable due to various health hazards. As a concerned neighbor and a good citizen one can help put a stop to this by keeping their eyes and noses open.

There are several ways to spot a meth lab. Firstly notice if there are any unusual smells in the house like smell of cat urine, ammonia, acetone (smells like nail polish remover) Ether or any strong chemical smell. Next check if there are any out of the ordinary sights happening around like blacked out windows or strangers coming and going from the house at all hours. The trash coming from the house is also a big sign especially if the trash contains things like beakers, duct tape, neon-stained coffee filters, or a lot of clear glass containers (very unusual for a suburban home owner). If you are a pharmacist or just happen to be in a pharmacy, notice when someone buys cold medicines in large quantities. This is almost a dead give away because a meth maker will use a lot of cold tablets as they contain ephedrine or pseudoephedrine—Sudafed for instance—per batch. Check their recycle bins as they will mostly contain a lot of copper instead of paper and plastic. The house or its surroundings will have Coleman fuel and HEET containers lying around. The property surrounding the house will also contain strong clues. There will be some amount of wall discoloration, corroded gas canisters and plants and trees dying around the structure.

If you notice any of the above instead of confronting the suspect yourselves make sure you call the higher authorities. To ensure a free clean zone, we at Bio-Cleanse have the skill and expertise to thoroughly decontaminate and remediate all types of Met Lab locations in the Goulburn, Sydney and Canberra areas.

Give us a call to discuss your Methamphetamine contamination risks and training requirements to ensure a better living.

Source: Bio-Cleanse

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